Watch the chemistry grow...

From salt to sugar, sand to stone - even LCD and computer screens, crystals are everywhere around us and a constant fixture in our daily lives. So to coincide with National Science Week the University of Canberra is conducting its 2012 Crystal Growing Competition for Primary and Junior Secondary Schools students.

With over 2000 student entries already across 4 divisions, students are required to grow their crystals over 8 weeks in Term 2 and 3. The crystals will then be judged on size, shape and clarity at the Crystal Competition Award Ceremony to be held at INSPIRE on the afternoon of August 15.

The winner from each division will receive a certificate and the winning school will receive a framed certificate to display proudly at their school.

The winning crystals will also be displayed at Questacon in the week beginning 20th August 2012.

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science in Australia, an opportunity to join together to enjoy and explore the wonders and benefits of science.

The competition is sponsored by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.