Our INSPIRE Associates...

INSPIRE is setting new standards for the design of teaching and learning services through its implementation of a 12-month INSPIRE Associates Program which commenced in July earlier this year. Six INSPIRE Associates were selected from a pool of talented educators within local ACT schools and through working at INSPIRE with the ACT Education & Training Directorate, will be accredited to deliver high quality professional development grounded in current practice and practical ideas of how this can be utilised for learning.

On any given Thursday (with the exception of school holidays of course), the INSPIRE Associates take residency here at INSPIRE and engage in intensive workshops with the ACT ETD INSPIRE Manager, Laurie Campbell and INSPIRE staff to further develop their skills and knowledge of the new digital learning era.

The Six INSPIRE Associates are:

Tiffany Mahon - Melrose High School

Dan Bray - Hawker College

Ian Thompson - Kingsford Smith School

Peter Smythe - Gungahlin College

Sophie Bissell - Macquarie Primary School

Trish Ghirardello - Mawson Primary School

You can read more about the INSPIRE Associates here.