Adam Winkle

Today I met with Adam Winkle who is best known for his foundational activities in the education and training domain with a informed criticality of the use of body worn location enabled technologies such as Google Glass (pictured) in an educational context.

What strikes me about Adam is his ability to see the bigger picture, his collaboration abilities and his love for education as a professional.

Adam lives in sunny Florida, USA and states:

"...I am a Science teacher in the Collier County Public School district and absolutely love my job."

He also adds:

 "...Discovery Education STEM educator."

Given these three factors above and the fact that he also hosts STEMVids and is the founding host for "Hangout of the Minds" soon to be listed at we thought it fitting to connect the dots and invite Adam to join the INSPIRE Centre, University of Canberra as part of our #glassmeetups program and broader research activities.

Adam, his colleagues and business partners will join us in semi-regular hangouts where we co-join our research foci and explore the synergy lines on this technological innovation and resonance across curriculum.