Humans Are Not Machines

The Science of Morality: Wikipedia

An interesting post that has arrived in my email inbox from an "anon" writer who harks from Aalto Media Lab, Helsinki that I happened to interview at one point in time. More about context here -

The article I refer to is here -

There are some very resonant citations here and also a range of other resources in the website that are very pertinent in this day and age especially when considering the ramifications of and the effects upon who we are and what we will become or already are in some cases.

This spurns me on to think that we need to conduct a wearables symposium sooner than later and centre it in Wollongong NSW Australia with tendrils connecting the dots to all other centres of excellence in this space. The explosion of analytics, data and the consumption for educational achievement provides a platform for which I find little relevant writings at present on that draw on ethics as a basis for consideration as to whether these machines are us or of us.