Faculty of ESTEM SAFFIRE Showcase Resources

Augmented Reality (AR) Showcase Posters

Each of the faculty's main SAFFIRE projects are represented in our augmented reality posters below.


To experience the augmented posters, please download the AR Studio app.

AR Studio <iOS>

AR Studio <Android>

AR Videos

View the videos used on the augmented posters online.

Mastery: Maths Pathways

EdD - Holmsglen: Professional Doctorate

Mastery: Overview

MTeach: Master of Teaching

Smart Folio: e-Portfolio Development

BIT/BENSE/MIT: I.T. Taskforce

PowerPoint Presentation

Professor Rob Fitzgerald (Director - Inspire Centre & Associate Dean, Innovation) 

Flipped Video

A short trailer describing what flipped teaching is and why we are promoting in the faculty.

Flipped Mastery Handbook


Download our Flipped/Mastery Handbook.

<ESTEM Mastery Learning Handbook 2014. PDF 4.1mb>

Showcase Scribe Illustration

View the scribed visual of the showcase presentations done by Graphic Facilitator and CEO of Feverpicture; Gavin Blake.

<Download Full Size Poster. JPEG 4.8mb>