Glass Meetup #2

 Image: Professor Steve Mann by  Ryan Enn Hughes

Image: Professor Steve Mann by Ryan Enn Hughes

Our second #glassmeetups public event will occur at the +INSPIRE Centre, University of Canberra with key national and international speakers in an interactive program of events.

You are invited to join members of the national and international #glass (digital eyewear) community  who are actively engaging with this technology across many differing industries, organisations and social settings.


This event is the second in a series of events investigating emerging technologies and their application to education, training and development.

This an opportunity for participants to experience, critically engage and speak directly with innovators and champions in this space. It is also an opportunity to consider how these technologies will impact upon your own professional work.

Topics of discussion will include the associations or connections between #glass (digital eyewear) and big data, privacy, learner analytics, innovation, UAS (drones), engineering, medicine, health care, sports sciences, quantified self, law, policing, military, pedagogy, training, curriculum, augmented reality, well being, national security, gaming, architecture, transport, logistics, travel, marketing, advertising, social research, retail, fashion, information technology, science fiction, the Arts, trades practices......


Date: TBA

Time: 5:30 PM till 7:00 PM AEST Canberra Australia

Location: University of Canberra, INSPIRE Centre, Building 25 Pantowora Street, Bruce ACT 2167 Australia


100 tickets - limited to 100 physical participants - book here




The following organisations / businesses have provided in-kind support for this #glassmeetup event.