Interview - Randall Leverette

Short interview with Randall Leverette -

“...For me being an Explorer is almost an extension of being Google…I am representing a product that is not widely commercially available and I certainly don’t want to bring…ah…bad light to something that I have been privileged to have access to…and I might think differently to a lot of other people because of my communication and marketing sensitivities…and sensibilities but thats how I view this …I don’t think people who get upset about other people wearing #glass are luddites or you know….neanderthals…I just think it makes people uncomfortable…and as a person who has access to something that might make people uncomfortable their feelings about what I’m doing are more important that my right to be able to do it to show off this device that I have…[31:58] - 8 April, 2014 - Randall Leverette -