Drones In STEAM

The onset of unmanned aerial systems technology in an education, training and academic setting is by no means a new one, yet across Australasia there is an apparent lack of understanding as to the role that UAS or more popularly coined as "drones" are now playing in the everyday curriculum particularly within the context of Science, Technology, Education, Arts and Mathematics.....to name just a few of the applicable contexts.

As evidenced in the image above (Twitter derivative) there are fast steps towards this innovation becoming an integrated and substantive area of engagement for young learners. As detailed in the image (Twitter derivative) below in an effort to gain omniscience which seamlessly flows across the curriculum Dickson College, Canberra Australia is well and truly leading the way in this development.

The INSPIRE Centre is currently engaging with a number of UAS in STEAM initiatives including that championed by Matthew Schroyer to bring together discussions more broadly as to the regulatory frameworks that are shaping our learners futures, the nature of policing a largely unregulated emergent technology and the myriad of examples of where #dronesforschools and #dronesforgood are impacting more broadly across society.

A series of publicly accessible events will bring champions across a range of sectors and related industries in contact with university staff, learning designers, academics and students to explore the many and varied ways UAS will shape autonomous, ambient and intelligent data-driven futures.