Wearable technologies are playing an increased role in the daily lives of the public and in our case, with students and educators, staff and support teams who engage with them in an educational context. 

The INSPIRE Centre recently facilitated a watershed event '#glassmeetups' in Australia on May 12, 2014 showcasing wearable innovations from across a whole range of sectors including secondary school students from Canberra Grammar school who are already coding and developing apps for Google Glass.

The #ucgm1 event  triggered an awareness of the impact,  the potentials for educational organisations and institutions now and into the near future of wearable technology.

The University of Canberra Wearable Technology Symposium (UCWTS)

The inaugural University of Canberra Wearable Technologies Symposium (UCWTS) will be held on campus on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 October 2014. It will bring together a dynamic and interactive program over two days, with national and international presenters from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and research strengths addressing the event focus "...data FOR students...not just about them." 

Data For Students

We firmly believe that there is a need to develop and implement a "dashboard" for our learners that provides an insight for them - it is currently restricted and accessible only by web developers, faculty heads, teachers or administrators.

 Image: PersonalNeuro

Image: PersonalNeuro

"...where once we carried our smartphone and pedometers and now we wear them strapped to our body or head worn."

The need for organisations to better engage with students who are already augmented, who already wear-their-own-device (WYOD - Riskin 2014) and who already participate across a global, networked learning (Blackall, Siemens, Downes) environment is the focus of activity at the INSPIRE Centre, University of Canberra.



This event brings together those who are actively engaged in the wearable technologies space and we will facilitate critical discussions as to how we will harness this data now and into the future.

We welcome your discussion by #tagging what you believe we should be considering with #ucwts in Twitter.