Wearables resources

Wearable technologies have, arguably, been with us for millennia (think: animal hides to keep us warm, for example, or more recently eyeglasses, wristwatches and hearing aids). Today’s advances with computing technology, the spread of smartphones, and the rise of maker-culture have led to a bewildering array of devices, apps and services that extend the wearer’s perception of the world, and the world’s knowledge of the wearer.

To give you some idea of the range of wearable technologies available today (or coming Real Soon Now), check out the following products, services and applications.

Wearable Technology and Education

Wearable Technology Art

Health, wellbeing and fitness

UV A + B SunFriend® - the new Gadget for Safer Sun Time!

PEAR Mobile Training System

Misfit Shine

Lumo Lift

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Indigenous Wearables

Check out Deadly Glass.